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Housing Bear Lake, Caribou, Franklin, and Bannock Counties

I began my lending career in the fall of 1993 as a marketing representative for a large finance company. Since then I have worked as an underwriter, loan officer, and manager for various financial institutions in addition to running my own mortgage brokerage while I worked my way through college. I received a bachelor’s degree from Idaho State University in 2006 in Corporate Training. In May of 2008, after two years outside of lending, I was offered the opportunity to join Advantage Plus to help expand their real estate lending department. Since then I have worked as a manager, underwriter, and loan officer. After several years of managing the department, I made the decision to leave management and focus solely on originating loans. This decision has allowed me to serve the members of the Credit Union in a more focused and efficient manner.

I believe that mortgage lending is built upon solid relationships and delivering on what you promise. The members and realtors I work with know that if I say I can do something I will get it done. I don’t believe in making promises that can’t be kept. My experience as an underwriter provides me with additional insight and experience that allows me to see potential opportunities and sometimes problems early in the process allowing me to help members maximize their opportunities in real estate or helping them avoid pitfalls that may not be visible to someone with less experience.

Since joining the Credit Union in 2008, I have worked hard to develop relationships with our members and realtors (most of which are members) throughout Southeast Idaho. My specific areas of focus are Bear Lake, Caribou, Franklin, and Bannock Counties. If we haven’t had the chance to work together, I look forward to the opportunity!

Phone: 208-232-7711 ext. 113
Email: [email protected]