Term Share Certificate

Our version of a bank CD. Of course, we do it better. Federal insurance makes this a 100% safe investment; a perfect way to give your savings more muscle. Fixed rates guarantee your elevated returns even if rates go down.

Here's the kicker. Advantage Plus FCU gives you multiple "bump" options. If rates happen to climb while your rate is locked, we allow you to bump up to that higher rate—up to three times during your term!

  • Risk-free investment with excellent returns
  • Wide range of terms, from 3 months to 5 years
  • Funds locked for length of term
  • Penalty applies for early withdrawal
  • Fixed rates so your rate can't go down
  • Bump options available to take advantage of climbing rates
  • No setup or maintenance fees
  • $1,000 minimum balance to open
  • Longer terms receive higher rate
  • Funds federally insured by NCUA

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield

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