Fee Schedule

Date posted: June 11, 2015
Date approved: June 11, 20151
Date fees affective: June 11, 2015

Share Savings Account Fees
Membership Fee $5.00 one time fee
Excessive withdrawal on Holiday and Premium Shares $15.00 per time

Share Draft Checking Account Fees
Copies of Checks $3.00 per check
Demand Statement Charge $5.00 per month
Low Balance Fee Dividend Checking Account $7.00 if balance is below $500
Low Balance Fee Money Market Checking Account $7.00 if balance is below $1000
Member Check Cashing $10.00 if balance is below $100 or no loans
Non Member Check Cashing 3% of the check or $10.00 (whichever is greater)
Non Member Government and Payroll Checks 1% of the check or $10.00 (whichever is greater)
Share Draft Overdraft $29.00
Share Draft Low Balance Fee 1Refer to Low Balance Fee Products
Share Draft Overdraft - extended period $25.00 per week if account balance remains below 0
Stop Payment $15.00 per time

Other Service Fees
Bad Address $5.00 per returned envelope/no forwarding address
Bank Checks/Cashier's Checks $3.00 per check
Coin Services - Member Free
Coin Services - Non Member 7% No Member Fee
Counter Check $4.00 per sheet/4 checks per sheet
Credit Card Late Fee $35.00 per month
Debit Card Overdraft $29.00 per time
Dormant Account Fee $2.00 per month regardless of balance
Early Cd Withdrawal Penalty Greater of $50 or 12 mo. Interest
Item Research $25.00 per hour
Legal Processing (Garnishment/Levy) $100
Loan Late Fee $50.00 per month
Loan Late Fee - Real Estate 5%
Loan Skip a Pay Fee $45.00
Notary Service No Charge
NSF/Courtesy Pay $29.00
Overdraft Transfers No Charge
Reconciliation $25.00 per hour
Return Deposit Check $10.00
Return Deposit Check on item drawn on own account $29.00
Telephone Transfers No Charge
Teller Transactions No Charge
Wire Transfer Incoming Domestic $10.00
Wire Transfer Incoming International $20.00
Wire Transfer Outgoing Domestic $20.00
Wire Transfer Outgoing International $50.00

1The fees appearing on this schedule are accurate and effective as of this date. Fees are subject to change. If you have any questions regarding the fee information, please contact the credit union.